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Native American Classroom Games to Improve Working Memory

Native American games played a big role in education. Games were helping students to develop the skills they needed to become successful adults.
Indigenous students learned while playing. The better their working memory is, the better they are at following complex directions, solving math problems in their head, etc. The great thing about working memory is that it is not something fixed as you can improve it in multiple ways.
The classroom games on this blog are specially designed to help students improve their …

Solar Energy for Native American Society

Native American lands in the southern 48 states are projected to have a solar energy potential of 17.6 TWh. According to a Bureau of Indian Affairs report, more than 150 American Indian reservations have the resource potential to support American-made renewable energy production.
Challenges in Solar Energy Plan for Native American Society
Indigenous peoples have been mistreated for as long as filthy energy firms have existed. Coal and oil companies have made these tribes’ economies dependent on fossil fuels. This has made it difficult for people who want to switch to sustainable energy sources.
In the case of the…

UNCP School of Education Gets $1,100,000 Federal Grant to Facilitate the Training of American Indian Teachers

It is good news as the UNC Pembroke School of Education secured a generous federal grant of $1,100,000 for five years. This grant aims to facilitate teaching tools such as smartboards, projectors for the classroom, and more importantly, the training of American Indians in the teaching discipline. This will produce more qualified teachers dedicated to teaching the American Indian population.
This federal grant will aid the FATE (First Americans’ Teacher Education) program, which is a project that facilitates pre-service teachers’ training. The projectors of the FATE program give financial aid to future teachers by lessening financial …

Indigenous Laws on Cannabis

Canada Should Follow Indigenous Laws on Cannabis

By 2021, Canada’s total worth of cannabis will be $5 billion. It is believed that this amount of money from CBD gummies Canada could provide opportunities for employment and income to Indigenous communities. Hence, Canada and the provinces should not allow selfish behavior displayed by past governments to materialize the success of the cannabis industry.
Nowadays, new economic opportunities in the cannabis industry, such as CBD oil and tincture, is taking place. In this regard, the national and provincial governments should design a legislative atmosphere that promotes economic development on cannabis for Indigenous communities. Moreover, it will be …

Clean water for Indigenous

Clean Water for Indigenous Communities

The Australian indigenous communities have been struggling for access to safe drinking water. Recent news articles show that many of their communities are dealing with several issues, such as their remote location and no water filtration systems, which prevent them from having safe water and essential power.
Several research and discussions reveal that there has been water and farming contamination within the indigenous areas. The residents have voiced concerns about their health safety and having no alternatives to replace the contaminated water.
First-Hand Experiences
In 2017, a …

Smoking Within The Aboriginal

Smoking Within The Aboriginal Communities

The rate of smoking among Aboriginals is worrying because it is increasing day after day. Bargain E-Juice says, The affected people are mostly aged sixteen years and above. Smoking affects minors just like Vaping does to LGBTQ communities. Between 2018 and 2019 they had a very high rate of smoking when compared to non-Aboriginal individuals. The NSW has made it a priority towards smoking rate reduction.
The following are the key reasons why the rate of smoking has remained high in Aboriginal communities.

Most people have learned this trait since they were children. The community considers smoking a social custom therefore minors are highly exposed to such behavior.

Smoking And Aboriginal Communities

Smoking And Aboriginal Communities

Smoking has long been one of the most common bad habits for any human. As mentioned by Eurovap, There a lot of factors that influence one from doing the habit aside from easy stress-reliever and peer pressure to look cool. Pollution in the cities might include tens of thousands of smoking and vaping daily but it is to be noted that smoking can also be rampant in indigenous or Aboriginal communities.
Reasons for High Smoking Rates
According to the report of NSW for 2017 – 2018, Aboriginal people smokers range from ages 16 and up. The rate for these people to be serious smokers is 28.2 percent, which is around twice the rate for them to be non-smokers. For NSW, reducing that ‘…

Metis Clothing

The Metis Clothing for Men and Women

The strength of a country’s culture is determined by its foundational values and the willingness of the people to carry its traditions proudly. The Metis are one such group of Canadian descent who have gone on to carry their traditions through their unique and rugged clothing which are still available in the form of custom t shirts Canada at stores.
The Metis are actually descendants of the first generation of French immigrants who were involved in the fur trading business. Having roots in two distinct cultures, the Metis went on to produce something with elements of both the cultures they have descended from.
Metis Clothing for …

Aboriginal Peoples And Historic Trauma

The indigenous population has experienced trauma and till date live within the effects of such trauma. This can occur in the home or in the garden. Many talk about relaxing on their comfy recliners when the trauma starts. Or some say that they are cooking in the kitchen and there is an onset. Something as simple as the reflection in the kitchen faucet can set it off. We should acknowledge the damaging impacts of what these populations went through and recognize the healing powers of their cultural, spiritual, and traditional heritage.
Truth and Reconciliation Commission or TRC in 2015 concluded a 5-year trauma duration. The commission has documented hundreds of statements by school survivors (and their descendants) all over Canada…

Young Metis Parents and Elders About Parenting

The recently released report called “Sharing their stories” includes narratives by Young Metis Parents on Parenting. According to their culture, your parents are your first teachers. These stories are based on deliberations by eighteen Metis parents.
Being a Metis is not merely being of European heritage. Metis is a unique community which dates back to the 18th Century. Over the years, they have become unforgotten, reduced to an irrelevant position in Canadian society. They have had to fight for their rights tirelessly, and, today, they represent a fast-growing Canada population.
In the Metis culture, children and families are considered as the center of the community. Children were …