The National Aboriginal History Organization or NAHO is an internationally recognized research, publishing, and collection organization. We aim at promoting understanding of Aboriginal cultures, languages, stories, and traditions. Our website aims to connect with Aboriginal people and raise awareness about them.

We have a priceless collection inclusive of audios, videos, films, and photographs of resource materials regarding Aboriginal studies.

We conduct extensive research to link existing evidence, practice, knowledge, and policy to support the First Nation`s history.

NAHO undertakes as well as encourage ethical, scholarly, community-based, and ethical research on several sectors such as history, languages, education, and native title. Our activities ascertain and raise awareness surrounding the rich and diverse Aboriginal culture and history.

We raise awareness by focusing our research to significant communities which reside in rural and northern communities as well as to indigenous populations.

Focusing on the Future

After the Government made indigenous affairs a national priority, it seeks to deliver several programs educating the Aboriginal people and their community.

Our Organization is involved with:

  • Developing, preserving, and offering access to information on Aboriginal culture and heritage
  • Using the national collection to promote knowledge and strengthen people’s understanding of Aboriginals and other indigenous populations.

Therefore, in line with these policies, our crucial program area is the social determinants of the Aboriginals, indigenous history. Our community is grounded on a strength-based approach to history as this is essential in upholding the credibility of our organization, and we are committed to moving our society’s agenda on supporting indigenous population forward.