Gathering Technical Report
GEGENOATATOLTIMG: Sharing the Knowledge
September 8-15, 2008 – Elsipogtog First Nation, NB

FNC, 2009

Traditional Medicine in Contemporary Contexts
(Discussion Paper)
NAHO, 2003

Handbook and Resource Guide to the Convention on Biological Diversity
(Information Resource)
NAHO, 2007

This Handbook and Resource Guide attempts to provide some context and definitions of what the CBD is, how the process works, and how interested individuals can participate.

An Overview Of Traditional Knowledge And Medicine And Public Health In Canada
NAHO, January 2008

The Haudenosaunee Code of Behaviour for Traditional Medicine Healers
(Information Resource)
NAHO, 2007

A draft code of ethics for traditional healing prepared in collaboration with the Centre for Nation Building.

Winds of Change: A Strategy of Health Policy Research and Analysis
(Discussion Paper) 
NAHO, 2003

First Nations Centre

First Nations Centre traditional health and healing page
The First Nations Centre (FNC) traditional health and healing Web page includes information and resources related to First Nations traditional health and healing.

Traditional Healing Circle of Elders
The first report in a series which discusses the outcomes of a Traditional Healing Circle hosted by the First Nations Centre in the traditional territory of the Mi’kmaq.

Traditional Knowledge Toolkit
A toolkit developed for individuals and communities interested in the protection and promotion of traditional knowledge and healing practices.

Métis Centre

In the Words of Our Ancestors: Métis Health and Healing
A compilation of stories, presented in narrative form, gathered from a series of Métis Elders’ gatherings held between 2003 and 2006. The purpose of these gatherings was to recognize, share, and revitalize Métis traditional health and healing knowledge and practices. The wisdom shared at these meetings forms the basis of this book.

Profiles of Métis Elders
A collection of profiles of Métis Elders and the work that they do in protecting and promoting the traditions and culture of the Métis.

Inuit Tuttarvingat

Arctic Biodiversity and Inuit Health

The Irnisuksiiniq Inuit Midwifery Network
The Irnisuksiiniq Inuit Midwifery Network home page, established to support the continuation of Inuit traditional midwifery practices.

Unikkaaqatigitt: Perspectives from Inuit in Canada
This report from a series of workshops held in the Arctic provides insight into the observations of Inuit elders regarding the impacts of climate change on traditional practices and on the lives of Inuit.

Suicide Prevention: Inuit Traditional Practices that Encouraged Resilience and Coping
A report which outlines the Inuit traditional practices that encouraged resilience and coping and their use in the prevention of suicide.