Jidwa:doh: Let’s Become Again, Indigenous Elders Summit 2004

Before We Can Heal For Our Voices to be Heard Big Foot Ride
The Nations are Gathering They Always Depended on Each Other They Told Us How to Live Our Lives What’s the Message: Youth Speak on the Summit

Jidwa:doh is a 50-minute DVD directed by Dr. Dawn Martin-Hill on behalf of the Indigenous Elders and Youth Council (IEYC). It records the events that took place during the Indigenous Elders Summit held at Six Nations of the Grand River Territory in 2004.

Elders from throughout the hemisphere joined together at this historic event to discuss ways to heal Indigenous nations from historical trauma and to provide direction for action in response to social and health concerns.

Elders speaking in this DVD include: Tom Porter (Mohawk); Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Lakota); Dr. Maria Yellow Horse Brave Heart (Lakota); Leon Secetaro (Navajo); Elizabeth Penashue (Innu); Renie Jobin (Lubicon Cree); and Luciano Mutumbajoy (Union of Yagé Healers, Colombia). All of the Elders stress the importance of retaining and employing Indigenous knowledge in all aspects of healing.

The documentary series is being produced on behalf of the IEYC. Copies can be obtained through the Indigenous Health Research Development Program Web site

A Healing Journey: Aboriginal Children’s Environmental Health

Aboriginal Children and the Enviroment Not Just Little Adults The Health of Children Environmental Contaminants
Jacob Sanderson
(Nehiyaw) pt.1
Jacob Sanderson (Nehiyaw) pt.2 Jacob Sanderson (Nehiyaw) pt.3 Jacob Sanderson (Nehiyaw) pt.4
Norma General
Six Nations of the Grand River pt.1
Norma General
Six Nations of the Grand River pt.2
Eric Mitchell
Together We Will Become Strong
Water Corn

A documentary focused on the 2003 Unity Ride and Run. This ceremonial journey on horseback and on foot attempted to provide a message of peace and unity in the protection and promotion of traditional practices and the protection of the environment.

In addition to these topics, the Unity Ride and Run provides the backdrop for the provision of information on children’s environmental health and the special circumstances and challenges faced by Aboriginal children.

Elders from many Nations came together to support the Unity Ride and Run and they agreed to share some of their wisdom in the filming of this documentary. This was a joint project of the Canadian Institutes for Child Health and the National Aboriginal Health Organization.