Mélanie Smits – 2012

Mélanie Smits

Outgoing, Original, Optimistic

Mélanie is a 22 year-old Métis scholar from Sudbury, Ontario. She obtained her degree with double specializations in Native Studies and in Sciences religieuses from Laurentian University. She is an avid volunteer and a member of the Second Irish Regiment of Canada. While being involved in the community she kept her academics a priority and was on the Dean’s List throughout her degree.

Mélanie is extremely involved in and proud of her Métis culture. She is highly regarded as an advocate for Aboriginal peoples. She aspires to help breakdown stereotypes and improve understanding of Aboriginal peoples. It is important to Mélanie to be working in her community to promote her culture.

She also has an artistic side and enjoys playing guitar, fiddle and singing. Her message is, “Push beyond your limits to achieve greater heights.”


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