Madelaine McCallum – 2012

Madelaine McCallum

Cultural, Dancer, Diverse

Madelaine, 29 years old, is Métis from Isle-a-la Crosse, Saskatchewan. To overcome difficulties in her life, she has found strength and healing through her culture and dance. Her father is her great source of inspiration and has taught her about traditional ways, ceremonies and how important language is to understanding who you are. Madelaine facilitates workshops and uses dance movement to assist participants of all ages to express and release their emotions in a positive way. She uses movement as a story to inspire youth, adults and elders to heal on their journeys. Madelaine is versatile and talented; she models and enjoys writing.

She is a skilled traditional Métis jigger and contemporary and hip hop dancer. Her passion is sharing her gift and spirit of dance. She says, “Don’t let fear stop you from taking a healthy risk, embrace your spirit”.


Madelaine’s Poster