Khataya Brown – 2012

Khataya Brown

Outgoing, Positive, Determined

Khataya is a 16 year-old high school student from Skidegate, British Columbia. She has learned how to weave traditional Haida cedar bark hats and to gather and prepare traditional Haida foods. Khataya attended Swan Bay Rediscovery Program, where she learned important Haida culture and knowledge while acquiring traditional skills.

Whether it is kayaking, biking or skiing, Khataya is very active and loves the outdoors. Khataya volunteered as a junior counselor with the Mount Moresby Adventure Camp where children learn about outdoor activity, recreation and safety. She also plays a variety of sports but her favourites are volleyball and soccer. Khataya was captain of the Junior Girls volleyball team and received the MVP award in 2011. Khataya is an advocate for healthy living and being active. Khataya truly believes “attitude is everything. I know with a positive attitude, I can accomplish my goals.”


Khataya’s Poster