Audrey Armstrong – 2012

Audrey Armstrong

Determined, Resilient, Motivated

At 30, Audrey is a proud mother to three boys and is from Thunderchild First Nation, Saskatchewan. Audrey attends First Nation University of Canada’s Saskatoon campus and is pursuing a Bachelors of Indian Social Work. Living in Saskatoon, she is able to connect with her culture and hopes to pass the First Nations teachings onto her sons. Her children are her source of motivation and she has been able to overcome hardships and provide her children with better opportunities.

Audrey is a keen promoter of healthy living and a youth advocate. She strongly believes that youth are the future and we must invest time in preparing them to be our future leaders regardless of hardships that fall onto their path. Her message is “No matter how hard life gets don’t give up. Faith, determination and perseverance are the keys to success. ”


Audrey’s Poster