Bruce-Ma-Goose’s story began when Lead Your Way! wanted to have a memorable impact on community members of all ages—from children to adults and elders.  Traditionally, Aboriginal people relied on oral history in keeping their culture strong and forming healthy social bonds. In continuing with this tradition, the Role Models will visit Aboriginal communities to share their stories and deliver their message of encouragement. The Canada goose represents the overall message of “Lead Your Way!”

The Canada Goose:

  • Is found throughout North America and is common all across Canada.
  • Has adapted to water, land, the cold and cities.
  • Has different sounds to communicate.
  • Has eleven different species that differ in size, length, body, and honk.
  • Flies in a V-formation where the leader at the front of the flock honks to encourage the others, when his tired another goose takes his place.
  • Faces many obstacles such as exhaustion, starvation, hydro poles, buildings and hunters.

Background page for Bruce-Ma-Goose (pdf 152 kb)

Background page in Inuktitut (pdf 89kb)