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Understanding Immunization Toolkit

FNC 2010

Understanding Immunization Toolkit

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  1. Understanding Immunization
  2. Risks of the Vaccine vs. Risks of the Disease
  3. Vaccine Effectiveness
  4. Immunization Schedule
  5. Things to Consider
  6. Vaccine Components
  7. Pros and Cons of Vaccinating
  8. Questions for Your Health Care Provider
  9. Immunization Record

Pandemic Planning

Preparing for emergencies is a very important part of community health planning.  The possibility of a global influenza pandemic is frightening, but being prepared can minimize the impact.  Local, regional and federal governments in most countries around the world have developed pandemic plans to deal with an outbreak. It is particularly important for health care organizations to have pandemic plans.

We have compiled the following links to useful resources about pandemic planning.

NAHO= National Aboriginal Health Organization, FNC= First Nations Centre, MC= Métis Centre, IT / AC = Inuit Tuttarvingat (formerly known as Ajunnginiq Centre)

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