NAHO News, May 2010
Acualités d'ONSA, mai 2010

Your Health at Home: An Environmental Health Guide for First Nations.

A new publication for First Nation households from the Minister of Health

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May is Foot Health Awareness Month

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New Publications: First Nations Centre

New Publication: Arctic Bio-Diversity and Inuit Health

This publication, discusses the many changes Inuit have reported as impacting biodiversity and at the same time examine how local knowledge is crucial to adapting to changes in biodiversity.

Also discussed is the connection between biodiversity and Inuit health and why changes in Arctic biodiversity will mean changes to human life in the Arctic.

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Inuit Youth Flip Camera Project: Tobacco Cessation Videos

Videos createded by Inuit youth about tobacco and quitting smoking.

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The Métis Centre of NAHO to celebrate 125th anniversary of the Battle of Batoche

Hosted by the Métis Nation‐Saskatchewan from July 18th to 25th, Back to Batoche Days is a time to celebrate Métis culture, traditions and heritage, and to pay homage to national heroes such as Louis Riel, Gabriel Dumont, and others. 

The Métis Centre will have a tent at the event and will be participating in the festivities.  Come visit us at Batoche!

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In Memory of Chantelle Chornoby

It is with deep sympathy that NARMP and NAHO extend condolences to the loved ones of Chantelle Chornoby.


Check out the latest additons to the Honouring Life Network programs library

New additions include Embrace Life Council, Urban Multipurpose Aboriginal Youth Centres and the National Friendship Centre Directory and many more.

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