NAHO News, October 2008

NAHO Travel Blogs

The Travel Blogs section of the NAHO Web site is designed to showcase and highlight the work of the Communications and Research Unit of NAHO.

Journeys For Health
This blog will document travels to promote Aboriginal health careers and healthy living.
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Travelling Towards Wellness
This blog follows the pursuits of a National Aboriginal Health Organization senior researcher who is working towards increased health and wellness among First Nations, Inuit and Métis individuals, families and communities.
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Promoting Aboriginal Health
This blog sets out to bring up to date information on the communications and research activities of the National Aboriginal Health Organization.
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Métis Centre Launches Two New Books
In the Words of Our Ancestors is a compilation of stories, presented in narrative form, gathered from a series of Métis Elders’ gatherings held between 2003 and 2006.
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The highly anticipated second edition of the Métis Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Living is a collection of new recipes gathered from Métis people across Canada.
- The Métis Cookbook and Guide to Healthy Living, Second Edition>>
- Recettes et guide de vie saine métis, deuxième édition >>

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Training in Statistics for Inuit
The Naasautit: Inuit Health Statistics project will begin its workshop series next month on statistics and research for Inuit working in the health field.
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Guest Speaker Series
The Lubicon Lake Nation: Indigenous Knowledge and Power:
Dr. Dawn Martin-Hill, cultural anthropologist and Academic Director of the Indigenous Studies Program at McMaster University.
October 24, 2008, 10-noon.

Congratulations on Silver and Bronze Medals
National Aboriginal Role Models of NAHO claim silver and bronze at Cowichan 2008 North American Indigenous Games.
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Bring a Role Model to Your Community
Throughout the year Natioal Aboriginal Role Models visit First Nations, Inuit, and Metis communities to share their stories with other Aboriginal youth and speak to them about making positive and healthy choices.

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