Métis Maternal Health

Healthy Beginnings, Supportive Communities, A Strong Future: Métis Maternal-Child Health

In 2009, the Métis Centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) met with Métis in different parts of Canada to share and collect stories, teachings and information about maternal-child well-being. Our objective with this project was to collect and share experiences, traditions and health information for the benefit of Métis families.

After meeting with Métis midwives, health professionals, Elders and parents across the country, we have created a DVD entitled Healthy Beginnings, Supportive Communities: A Strong Future. Themes discussed in the DVD include, among others, cultural continuity, birthing options, historical birthing practices, breastfeeding, self-care for pregnant women, and the role of community in raising children.

To order a free copy, email: metiscentre@naho.ca. hyperlink to email

Video Clips from Healthy Beginnings, Supportive Communities, A Strong Future: Métis Maternal-Child Health

She Had a Baby

Métis families talk about the joys, trials and surprises that follow a new baby’s arrival, and offer some tips for first-time parents.

Ma taant Philomene

Métis Elders in Camperville, Manitoba remember Taant Philomene, the midwife who delivered all the babies in the area until a highway was built in the 1950s. After that, women started leaving their community to give birth in the hospital.

Raising a Child: Raising a Community

Jaime Koebel, a Métis mother of three, talks about the importance of community in child raising, and the importance of her children having a Métis identity.

Fostering an Aboriginal Perspective

Métis Elder Tom McCallum remembers his grandmother the midwife from northern Saskatchewan. He talks about how important it is for Métis youth to know about and stay connected to traditional ways.