Invitational Gathering 2008

Invitational Gathering on North American Indigenous Birthing and Midwifery
Washington DC, May 5, 6, and 7, 2008

Final Agenda



Nursing and Midwifery in Northern, Remote Collaborative Care
Sara Tedford Gold, PhD

An Introduction to the integration of Aboriginal health for the SOGC
Marilee A. Nowgesic, Director Aboriginal Health Initiatives
Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC)

Tsi Non:we Ionnakeratstha (the place they will be born)
Ona:grahsta’(a Birthing Place)

Julie Wilson
Six Nations Maternal and Child Centre

Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada: An Overview
Marlene Larocque
National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

The Midwives Alliance Statistics Project
Gera Simkins
Midwives Alliance of North America (MANA)

Keeping the Sacred in Childbirth Practices: Integrating Navajo Cultural Aspects into Obstetric Care
Ursula M. Knoki-Wilson, CNM, MSN

Contributions of Midwives to Perinatal Health Surveillance in Ontario
Wendy Katherine
Ontario Midwifery Database

Doula Care and Practice for First Nations Women and Families
Marlene Larocque
National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

Inuit midwifery in Canada: Supporting its restoration  through information-sharing
Catherine Carry
The Irnisuksiiniq – Inuit Midwifery Network – NAHO

Honouring Our Grandmother (Poster)
Sherri Chisan
Blue Quills: First Nations College

Participant Biographies



United States of America

Background Papers

Allow Midwives to Participate as Full Members of the HealthcareTeam

A Report on Best Practices for Returning Birth to
Rural and Remote Aboriginal Communities

Midwifery and Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada, 2004, National Aboriginal Health Organization

Exploring Models for Quality Maternity Care in First Nations and Inuit Communities:  A Preliminary Needs Assessment, Final Report on Findings, 2005, National Aboriginal Health Organization

Special Report on Traditional Midwifery,  Suvaguuq 1995, Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council


Canadian Association of Midwives – Association canadienne des sages-femmes:

Alaska Native Health System 2006 Community Health Aide/Practitioner Manual Project

Six Nations Birthing Centre: Tsi Non:we Ionnakeratstha Ona: grahsta’

First Nation Inuit Health, Maternal Child Health

Irnisuksiiniq Inuit Midwifery Network, Ajunnginiq Centre, National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO)

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada

Indian Health Service, Maternal Child Health

IHS MCH list serve (click here to join)