Strategic Planning

Métis Health: Culture, Identity, History

In December, 2007, the Métis Centre hosted a think tank entitled Métis Health: Culture, Identity, History. Held at the Nakoda Lodge, located on the Stoney Nakoda Nation reserve near Morley, Alberta, the purpose of the think tank was to build upon the knowledge and priorities identified during the 2002 Métis Health Policy Forum, but more importantly to inform the Centre’s future direction and priorities in its work related to Métis health research.

Métis researchers and community-based individuals, including Elders and youth working in the health field, shared knowledge on a variety of topics to facilitate an exploration of health-related elements of Métis culture, identity and history. Métis experts delivered sessions on Historic and Contemporary Métis Contexts, Métis Rights and Health, as well as Métis Health Research and Research Ethics; the proceedings of which will inform the strategic direction of the Métis Centre for the next five years.