Data Analysis

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To date, few reports have been published on Métis data relating to the Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) and Canadian Census. The information is greatly needed by Métis communities in order to understand how services and programs can better serve Métis.

The Métis Centre is collaborating with Statistics Canada with the aim of analyzing Métis-specific information in the 2006 APS and the Aboriginal Children’s Survey. Results of analysis of Métis data on cultural and traditional activities were published in an article in the April 2010 issue of Canadian Social Trends. In addition, the Métis Centre will soon be releasing two factsheets on chronic disease preventive screening use among Métis.

The Métis Centre is also developing two online searchable databases to increase access and availability to Métis health and well-being information; a literature database and a statistical database. The literature database is a detailed annotation of peer-reviewed Métis health articles published over the past 30 years. The statistics database, built in collaboration with Statistics Canada, contains over 2,000 statistical tables relating to different topics from the 2006 APS.

Plans are underway to incorporate additional tables from the Aboriginal Children’s Survey.  To build capacity among Métis stakeholders, tutorials and online workshops based on statistical concepts and techniques are currently being developed and will be added to the database website this summer.