Data Analysis

Analysis of Métis-Specific Data

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This project aims to analyze Métis data in the Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS) and Aboriginal Children’s Survey (ACS) beyond the initial analysis done by Statistics Canada. The four main aims of this project are to:

  • Derive frequencies and cross tabulations for important variables in the two surveys.
  • Determine dimensions of Métis health using principal component analysis and identify determinants of Métis health using regression analysis.
  • Disseminate analysis results and other quantitative tools to Métis communities and stakeholders.
  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the survey data.

The 2006 APS collected data from Aboriginal people on health, social support, education, mobility, and other issues. A Métis supplement was incorporated into this survey. The initial Métis release  from Statistics Canada summarized findings on some basic topics on Métis health and well-being. This report was the result of collaboration between the Métis Centre of NAHO and Statistics Canada.

Topics addressed in the initial Métis analytical paper include self-rated health, chronic conditions, health care utilization, and ways to improve health; however, there are many other topics and variables which need to be explored. The Métis Centre’s current interchange with Statistics Canada will address some of those topics.

The two themes identified for detailed analysis are the health and well-being of Métis communities and Aboriginal continuity.  In addition to analysis on these themes, descriptive analysis (generating  tabulations and cross tabulations of weighted counts and frequencies) of other important variables in the two surveys will be conducted.

Data from the APS and the ACS analysis, as well as other quantitative tools, will be shared with Métis communities and stakeholders in several workshops to be conducted this year. Feedback from participants will be collected in the workshops and will be summarized in a report.

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