Ispayin-Métis Youth Express Yourself!

The Ispayin-Métis Youth Express Yourself! project combines video recordings of Métis youth artistic expressions and collected dialogues to be showcased in a DVD and discussion guide.  The goal of this project is to explore and celebrate contemporary Métis youth identity and Métis diversity, as well as to showcase Métis pride. Throughout 2009, gatherings took place across Canada where youth were invited to sing, fiddle, jig, rap, dance, or even just narrate in front of the camera.

The discussion guide is a tool that youth can use to highlight issues related to identity, in both mainstream and Aboriginal organizations.  Our aim is that the video will also be used as a cultural competency tool in professional and academic settings.  Our overall goal is to empower Métis youth to work with others and to develop cultural competency specific to Métis youth.

A secondary aim of this project is to engage youth from various regions in Canada. Selected youth were invited to participate in a two day social media symposium where they were provided with the opportunity to discuss effective methods for youth engagement and social messaging tools, as well as explore basic videography.

The DVD and discussion guide is available free of charge. Order a copy or view the discussion guide here.

For more information, contact Jennifer Rankin: