Academic Engagement

A search of the academic databases shows a lack of Métis-specific data, and Métis research in general.  Some potential strategies to correct this are:

  • A national data collection strategy.
  • Exploring ethics and methodology to identify barriers to Métis research.
  • Promoting Métis research among academic institutions.

The Métis Centre’s Academic Engagement project addresses the third strategy. The Métis Centre is presenting its work on ethics and potential barriers to Métis research to various academic institutions in Canada, providing an opportunity for participants to add to the discussion on ethics.

We have also set up an informal web-based network of Métis researchers with the aim of increasing communication and collaboration between researchers.  This network will eventually include Métis researchers and students, as well as non-Métis researchers interested in doing Métis research.

Working with the Métis Centre’s Research and Ethics Advisory Committee (a group of Métis researchers), this project has several goals:

  • To engage institutions, academics and students to promote the need for, and an interest in, Métis research.
  • To promote our findings related to Métis-specific research ethics.
  • To promote Métis Centre projects that would be of benefit to Métis researchers and students.
  • To form a network of Métis researchers in order to facilitate communication and collaboration between Métis researchers.

For more information, contact Devin Dietrich.