Governing Committee

The Métis Centre has in place a governing committee to ensure that its work is timely and relevant to the health and wellness needs of Métis people.  The scope of responsibilities of the Métis Centre Governing Committee (MCGC) is to oversee the planning, development, and implementation of the Métis Centre consistent with the policies, bylaws and practices established by the National Aboriginal Health Organization. Specifically, the MCGC is accountable for strategic oversight of the Métis Centre, including strategic planning, priority setting, activities, and implementation.

The Committee consists of eight members who are appointed as follows:

  • Two directors that the Métis National Council (MNC) has appointed to the NAHO Board of Directors; one of which is the chair.
  • A representative from each of the MNC’s five governing member organizations, who shall be nominated respectively by the Métis Nation of Ontario, the Manitoba Metis Federation, the Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, the Métis Nation of Alberta, and the Métis Nation of British Columbia.
  • A Métis representative appointed by the Native Women’s Association of Canada.
  • A representative from the Métis National Council, who shall be the Director of Health of the MNC.