Vol 9 Issue 1

 November 2012, Vol. 9, Issue 1

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Now available Volume 9, Issue 1 of the Journal of Aboriginal Health. This general issue features six exciting articles:

Aboriginal Children and Physical Pain: What Do We Know?
M. Latimer, S. Young, C. Dell, G. Finley

Cultural Safety: A Framework for Interactions between Aboriginal Patients and Canadian Family Medicine Practitioners
A. Baker, A. Giles

Assessment of Tuberculosis Outbreak Definitions for a First Nations On- Reserve Context
H. Samji, D. Wardman, P. Orr

Old Keyam – A Framework for Examining the Disproportionate Experience of Tuberculosis Among Aboriginal Peoples of the Canadian Prairies
K. McMullin, S. Abonyi, M. Mayan, P. Orr, C. Lopez-Hille, M. King, J. Boffa, R. Long

“I Like to Think I’m a Pretty Safe Guy but Sometimes a 40-Pounder* Will Change That”: A Mixed Methods Study of Substance Use and Sexual Risk Among Aboriginal Young People
K. M. Devries, C. J. Free, E. Saewyc

Feasibility and Outcomes of a Community-Based Taper-to-Low-Dose- Maintenance Suboxone Treatment Program for Prescription Opioid Dependence in a Remote First Nations Community in Northern Ontario
M. Katt, C. Chase, A. V. Samokhvalov, E. Argento, J. Rehm, B. Fischer

Sadly, this year marks NAHO’s twelfth and final year of operations. The organization’s funding was cut in the 2012 federal budget and its office closed on June 29, 2012. However, I am pleased to report that the Journal has been transferred to a new publisher: the Aboriginal Health Research Networks (AHRNet) Secretariat at the University of Victoria. The Secretariat will be publishing Volume 10 and future issues. Invitations for submissions will be posted on their Web site: www.ahrnets.ca.

I invite you to visit www.naho.ca/jah for information about back and current issues, and www.ahrnets.ca for information about future issues. NAHO’s Web site will remain online until December 2017. Stay tuned for Volume 9, Issue 2, a special issue on Inuit health coming in winter/spring 2013.