Volume 4 Issue 1 – Aboriginal Women’s Health

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Collectively, this group of papers represents the weaving together of diverse Aboriginal women’s voices, experiences and knowledge. Emerging from the collection is an intergenerational narrative describing Aboriginal women’s resilience, resistance and strength in the face of historical and present-day adversity. While the papers are diverse in their geographical and cultural locations, methodological approaches, data analysis, and interpretation, each author challenges the reader to re-imagine a future for Aboriginal women, their families and communities that looks remarkably different from present day realities—a future that draws upon the wisdom of Aboriginal cultures (traditional and contemporary), while simultaneously recognizing that the local realities of Aboriginal peoples are entrenched within a global system that in all likelihood will never fully embrace nor nurture their worldviews. Specifically, deep-rooted practices of gender subordination coupled with economic and cultural marginalization have come to intersect in ways that uniquely silence and oppress Aboriginal women in all regions of Canada. These papers, however, offer counter narratives in which First Nations, Inuit and Métis women resist their subordination and its detrimental impact upon their health and wellness.
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