Changing the Culture of Smoking project update
National Indian and Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization and Consultancy for Alternative Education, December 2011.
This update reports on the news from the activities in Aklavik, NWT from June until November 2011. Along with lots of pictures, topics include: Tobacco quizzes for Halloween (to help educate kids and adults on tobacco and second-hand smoke); Sessions in school; Collecting quitting stories;  and, Smoke-free pond hockey.

How Much Do You Know: Myth or Fact

To help raise awareness on issues of tobacco use, Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization (2010-11) compiled these quizzes. See what you know, and test others around you. The quizzes can be used to raise questions and discussion about tobacco use in your community, school or organization.


[quizme form=’tobacco__how_much_do_you_know__myth_or_fact__quiz__1′]

Answers and explanations for Quiz one


[quizme form=’tobacco__how_much_do_you_know__myth_or_fact__quiz__2′]

 Answers and explanations for Quiz two


[quizme form=’tobacco__how_much_do_you_know__myth_or_fact_quiz___3′]

Answers and explanations for Quiz three