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Get Reel Student Ad Contest
Get Reel is a contest where students in grades 6 – 12 in all 3 northern territories make their own short anti tobacco ads. It is a new addition to this year’s Smoke Screening program. To see ads from all three territories, please visit and here for NWT Get Reel winners.
Also, the Smoke Screening Program gives students a chance to view 12 of the best tobacco education ads from around the world, and then select the one they feel is the most effective to prevent youth from starting to use tobacco in the first place or convince them to quit if they are already using it. Students vote on ballot forms that are counted across all 3 territories. The winning ad this year is EmphysemaClick here for more info.

Changing the Culture of Smoking project update
National Indian and Inuit Community Health Representatives Organization and Consultancy for Alternative Education, December 2011.
This update reports on the news from the activities in Aklavik, NWT from June until November 2011. Along with lots of pictures, topics include: Tobacco quizzes for Halloween (to help educate kids and adults on tobacco and second-hand smoke); Sessions in school; Collecting quitting stories;  and, Smoke-free pond hockey.

Smoke Stories: Quit clips by Inuit youth
Video Screening Contest Report
Inuit Tuttarvingat, NAHO, August 2011

Risk Factors and Viruses Associated With Hospitalization Due to Lower Respiratory Tract Infections In Canadian Inuit Children: A Case-Control Study
Banerji A. et al. Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal: August 2009 – Volume 28 – Issue 8 – pp 697-701

Canadian Council for Tobacco Control: Prevention

CCTC 2001-2011

Canadian Council for Tobacco Control: Youth Engagement

CCTC 2001-2011

An Environmental Scan of Pan-Canadian Activities Related to Schools and Tobacco Control

Sponsored by the Health & Learning Knowledge Centre,
Canadian Council on Learning, July 2006

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, 1997
Breathing Easy: School Kit on Tobacco (K to Grade 5)




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