Conferences and gatherings are a wonderful opportunity for midwives and maternity care workers to hear about the latest research in midwifery and birthing, share experiences and knowledge, learn from elders and others in the field, and meet fellow midwives.

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Call for abstracts – 18th Inuit Studies Conference hosted by the Arctic Studies Center at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington, D.C., October 24-28, 2012 – Session title: Reproductive health in the arctic: past, present and future: An interdisciplinary session addressing reproductive and sexual decision making in Arctic communities.
Call for abstracts – deadline April 15, 2012 – For abstract information, etc. please contact: Convenor, Ruth Montgomery‐Andersen, MPH, Ilisimatusarfik‐University of Greenland, Doctoral Student, Nordic School of Public Health. E-mail:
Co‐convenor: Dr. Elizabeth Rink, Montana State University PhD MSW.
Reproductive traditions, the culture of birth and birth setting are an important part of a community’s identity. Reproductive and sexual decisions have an effect on the lives and culture of the people in these communities. This session will present concepts and knowledge of reproductive and sexual health with focus on the Inuit Peoples. The session invites researchers and research communities to present on ethical issues, historical overviews, innovative research projects and
best practices related to reproductive and sexual health. It seeks to present frameworks and case studies as well as project designs, implementation and evaluation of culturally relevant research



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