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A four-volume report this week from Quebec’s health commissioner says the province needs to do a better job supporting new mothers and their children.

The province has a rising birth rate, and low mortality rate for newborns, but one in three women do not have any follow-up during the first quarter of their pregnancy.

In his report, Health Commissioner Robert Salois recommended more use of midwifery services. Four years ago, the government promised that 10 per cent of childbirths would be attended by midwives, a goal it is far short of achieving. However, Health Minister Yves Bolduc said this week that new birthing centres will be announced soon.

Another issue raised by Mr. Salois is follow-up care. Home visits by nurses are not available for 68 per cent of newborns. To deal with this, he would like to see more integrated care where different health services can be offered under one roof.

The report (in French) is at HE

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