Below is a selected list of guidelines that apply to research involving Inuit. A more detailed explanation of the various guidelines within each of the Inuit regions is available in our fact sheet, “Guidelines for Research Involving Inuit”. This fact sheet is part of our series, Research and Research Ethics.

Guidelines produced by Inuit organizations and governments:

Guidelines applying to research in Inuit regions:

Guidelines concerning research involving Aboriginal Peoples in Canada:

Canadian Guidelines for Ethical Research:

Other guidelines and principles of interest

National Health and Medical Research Council.  (2003).  Values and Ethics:  Guidelines for ethical conduct in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research. Canberra, Commonwealth of Australia.

World Medical Association (WMA).  (2008).  WMA Declaration of Helsinki – Ethical principles for medical research involving human subjects. 59th WMA General Assembly, Seol, Korea, October 2008.