Inuit Knowledge

When people hear of Inuit traditional knowledge or healing practices, there is a tendency to think about the medical aspect: the plants and remedies that Inuit used in the past to cure illnesses. Yet elders point out that “the Inuit perspective encompasses much more” because it includes things that Inuit did to have a healthy mind and spirit too[1]. Rather than just focusing on the illness, Inuit traditional healing was holistic in nature.

Today, as in the past, being healthy is about more than feeling good physically. For Inuit, being healthy is also about having a good mind and spirit.

One of Inuit Tuttarvingat’s objectives is to preserve and promote Inuit traditional and current-day health knowledge. We do this by speaking with Inuit about past and modern ways of healing and including these perspectives in all areas of our work, including our health promotion materials, resources and research reports.

In the following pages, learn more about our work on traditional knowledge, cultural safety and promoting elders’ perspectives.

[1] Ootoova, I; Atagutsiak, T.Q.; Ijjangiaq, T. (2001). Perspectives on traditional health. Iqaluit: Nunavut Arctic College.