Maternal and Child Health

Inuit Tuttarvingat has produced the following projects and materials on maternal and child health issues:

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See for our Inuit relevant collection on maternity/midwifery care. Join the Irnisuksiiniq – Inuit Midwifery Network e-mail listserv at

Birth outcomes in the Inuit-inhabited areas of Canada, Canadian Medical Association Journal, 2010

Understanding and Improving Aboriginal Maternal and Child Health in Canada, Health Council of Canada, 2011

Canadian Association of Midwives website – also includes the National Aboriginal Council of Midwives

Celebrating Birth: Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada, National Aboriginal Health Organization, 2008

Naasautit: Inuit Health Statistics – Inuit-specific statistics on health behaviours (Naasautit is very limited on this topic – there’s only smoking and breasfeeding stats)

Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada website, maternal health section (nothing really loaded there yet)