Careers in Health

It is important that Inuit become their own health care providers. Presently, most health care staff must be hired from the south.

This can result in:

  • a lack of understanding between providers and patients;
  • high turnover;
  • lack of trust, and;
  • other issues arising from differences in language and culture.

A challenge associated with living in the North is the lack of access to education and training opportunities. There are colleges located in the regional centers in the Arctic, such as Iqaluit, Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Inuvik, but the majority of Inuit students must leave their homes to pursue post-secondary education.
Inuit need the opportunities and knowledge to enable them to take their place in the health care system. There are many jobs in the health field other than being a doctor or a nurse that would enhance the health and well-being of Inuit in the North, such as dental therapists, Community Health Representatives, occupational therapists, and so on.

Inuit Tuttarvingat shares information about the range of health careers that may be of interest to Inuit, and educational opportunities that relate to those health careers and professions. Explore the “Qaigitsi” Health Careers Rock! project >>