Our Name and Logo

Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization was originally known as the Ajunnginiq Centre, but changed its name in October 2008.

Prior to changing our name, many Inuit told us that the name Ajunnginiq, which means “skills and knowledge”, didn’t quite capture our focus on Inuit or health. We listened and chose Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization as our new name. This name tells people that we work on Inuit health issues at NAHO.


Our logo features the land, water, snow and sky within a “sundog”, an image that is unique to the northern sky.

We also have a strong but simple message that reflects Inuit Tuttarvingat. The slogan is “knowledge wellness community”.

Knowledge – We need solid Inuit-specific knowledge, or evidence, to develop policies, programs and services that meet the needs of Inuit individuals, families and communities. Inuit Tuttarvingat works closely with other Inuit organizations to develop knowledge and knowledge-based activities that can be used to advocate for improved conditions to support Inuit health and wellness.

Wellness – Inuit Tuttarvingat recognizes the importance of addressing mental, physical, cultural, and spiritual elements of health and well-being. Supporting our culture, language, environment, traditional foods and activities are central to achieving health status comparable to the general Canadian population.

Community – Addressing the broader determinants of health, such as housing, economic development and self-determination, is a key element of achieving improvements in Inuit health and wellness. Inuit-specific solutions must be firmly rooted in our cultural values and practices while integrating the best evidence and practices from other systems. Our commitment to Inuit values also means we address these complex issues within the context of families and communities.