About Us

Inuit Tuttarvingat is the Inuit-specific centre of the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO). Up until October 2008, we were known as the Ajunnginiq Centre. Our new name is Inuit Tuttarvingat.

NAHO aims to improve and promote the health and well-being of Aboriginal Peoples by carrying out knowledge-based activities, such as:

  • publishing reports
  • facilitating research
  • making presentations
  • holding conferences
  • sharing information.

At NAHO, the work related to Inuit health and wellness is carried out by Inuit Tuttarvingat. We collect and share information and knowledge on a wide range of health and wellness issues of concern to Inuit.

February 2010
Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization “Strategic Plan 2010-15”

Strategic Plan – English

Nunatsiavut dialect

Inuktitut syllabics

Nunavik dialect

Inuvialuktun dialect


Inuit Tuttarvingat of the National Aboriginal Health Organization will advance and promote the health and well-being of Inuit individuals, families and communities by working in strong partnerships to collect information and share knowledge.


Inuit Tuttarvingat’s six main goals are:

  • Conduct and promote research to enhance the health and well-being of Inuit.
  • Increase understanding and awareness of the health issues affecting Inuit.
  • Facilitate and promote research that is ethical, balanced, relevant and useful to Inuit.
  • Support and promote Inuit in pursuing health careers.
  • Preserve and promote Inuit traditional knowledge and healing practices.
  • Provide Inuit with knowledge of environmental health risks.


Inuit Tuttarvingat is made up of eight staff members with expertise in:

  • Inuit health and wellness
  • Policy analysis and research
  • Education and training
  • Health issues, such as suicide prevention and mental wellness, alcohol and tobacco use, environment and climate change, economic development, education, counseling, women and youth, protection of traditional healing practices, intellectual property rights, and others.