Maternal Health

Aboriginal women’s health special issues of the Journal of Aboriginal Health

Birthing through First Nations Midwifery Care (2009). This short paper was commissioned by the FNC to focus exclusively on First Nations issues in midwifery, to provide a more in-depth yet inspiring background for people considering midwifery as a career, and for development of midwifery programs in or near First Nations communities.

Celebrating Birth: Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada (2008)

Celebrating Birth: Exploring the Role of Social Support in Labour and Delivery for First Nations Women and Families (2008)

Celebrating Birth: First Nations Families and Doulas (2009)

Children and technology fact sheet (2009) provides information on how technology can impact the health of First Nations children. This fact sheet also includes tips on how to manage and limit the use of TV, Internet, and video games to promote healthy childhood development.

Exploring Models for Quality Maternity Care in First Nations and Inuit Communities: A Preliminary Needs Assessment (2006). This report details the findings of the First Nations and Inuit Maternity Care Needs Assessment Project. The report identifies issues, priorities, best practices, and suggestions for improving maternity care in First Nations and Inuit communities. The information was provided by the First Nations and Inuit focus group participants and professional informants working in the area of Aboriginal maternity care. The report also identifies the gaps in current First Nations and Inuit maternity care and outlines solutions for these gaps.

Gestational Diabetes and First Nations Women: A Literature Review (2009)

Making Your Home Safe for Your Baby: Information for Moms, Dads and People Who Care for Children (2010)

Midwifery and Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada Map (2009)

Midwifery and Aboriginal Midwifery in Canada Google Map (2011)