The First Nations Centre (FNC) at the National Aboriginal Health Organization (NAHO) provides critical health promotion and disease prevention information to a population of approximately 700,000 First Nations people. This population continues to experience significantly lower health status than the general population. The FNC provides this population with the information they need to achieve better health. This is done by translating the latest evidence, Western and Indigenous, into population-specific and culturally safe health information.

The goal of the Centre at NAHO is to advance and promote the health and well-being of First Nations populations. In keeping with NAHO’s strategic plan, the objectives of the Centre are as follows:

  • Research and health promotion. Conduct, improve, and promote research to enhance the health and well-being of all First Nations
  • Knowledge sharing and communications. Increase understanding and awareness of the health and well-being of all First Nations
  • Education and capacity building. Support and promote First Nations pursuing Traditional- and Western-based health careers
  • Relationships and partnerships. Facilitate and promote research, and develop relationships relating to First Nations
  • Indigenous knowledge. Support the recognition, preservation, and promotion of First Nations in their transmission of Traditional Knowledge, healing practices, and medicine
  • Environmental health. Provide First Nations with the tools to promote environmental health


The First Nations Centre at NAHO is a centre for collaboration. We work with partners, collaborators, and stakeholders to make sure that what we do is aligned with the health needs and priorities of First Nations people.

The Power of Two

The greatest accomplishments are usually reached by at least two people working together. In 2011-12, the FNC and NAHO worked with partners, collaborators, funders, reviewers, and others to achieve its objectives. For example, the Centre worked with:

  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Institute of Aboriginal People’s Health to plan a two-day symposium on integrating Indigenous methodologies in health research
  • Public Health Agency of Canada and the Integrated HPV Working Group of the Federal Government to publish Volume 8, Issue 1 of the Journal of Aboriginal Health, a special issue dedicated to the prevention of HPV-related diseases including cancer
  • Saint Elizabeth Healthcare to deliver two sexual health webinars for healthcare providers that serve First Nations clients
  • Two-Spirited People of Manitoba to publish Suicide Prevention and Two-Spirited People

For a complete list of NAHO’s partners, please visit www.naho.ca/about/partners.