Aboriginal Nutrition Network: Feeding Mind, Body and Spirit

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Feeding Mind, Body and Spirit A Gathering of Dietitian and Nutrition Professionals working with Aboriginal Communities in Canada December 6-7, 2011 Good nutrition is crucial in determining the health and well being of Aboriginal people in Canada. In 2007, Health … Continue reading

Holistic Health and Traditional Knowledge

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In Canada, many First Nations, Inuit and Métis people highly value traditional knowledge that teaches alternative medicine practices, healthy eating, and traditional ways of using natural resources. The philosophical foundation of traditional knowledge revolves around a holistic model that recognizes … Continue reading

Poor people, northern residents more prone to health problems

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A report says low-income people, aboriginals and residents in northern areas are more likely to suffer from health problems in Manitoba. The report from chief public health officer Joel Kettner says those groups have lower life expectancy and higher rates … Continue reading