Métis Centre Releases New Products and Research!

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As a part of our ongoing effort to create user-friendly resources for families and communities, the Métis Centre is pleased to announce the release of new research products and health guides.

Healthy Messages for Métis Women at Risk of Sexual Exploitation

The Métis Centre conducted research this summer about the sexual exploitation of Métis women, and to identify specific responses to increase well-being for women at risk. This research aims to fill an existing gap in knowledge on the topic. Information was gathered through participatory methods such as focus groups with front-line workers and interviews with Métis women. Research was conducted in a number of urban centres in British Columbia. Métis Centre staff set out to better understand the influences and vulnerabilities of women at risk, as well as to identify available supports and services, and the role of health promotion messaging.

Loss of culture and identity was a recurring theme in the research, as well as a great need for culturally appropriate services. Guided by research results, the Métis Centre is developing health promotion tools for Métis women and service providers, including: a booklet and poster “Strong Métis Identity,” a fact sheet and brochure about sexual exploitation, a guide about cyber safety, an animated slideshow on healthy relationships, and an online cultural competency tutorial for service providers.


Métis Youth Respect Yourself ! A Guide to Healthy Intimate Relationships

A resource designed specifically for Métis youth, this booklet discusses such topics as sexual health, contraception and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). It also discusses issues like sexuality, self-esteem and body image, and what makes a healthy relationship. The goal is to provide easy to understand information to empower Métis youth to make decisions about their sexual health that are safe and that they will feel good about.


Métis Children Safe in Cyberspace: A Guide for Parents & Guardians

Children today are very web-savvy. The Internet is a valuable tool for communication and research, and one that most children will use on a daily basis. Thereare, however, dangers in cyberspace, especially for children. The aim of thisguide is to provide a brief introduction about cyberspace, and to include tips on ways to help protect your children when they are online. We hope that the information in this guide will be useful in helping to foster discussions about cyber safety amongst Métis children and their families.


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