MMF Releases First-time Report on Cancer and Métis

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This summer, the Manitoba Metis Federation released a cancer study, which marks a first-time collaboration with CancerCare Manitoba toproduce Métis-specific informationon cancer.

Cancer and Related Health Care Utilization in the Manitoba Metis Population will supplement existing health planning at provincial and regional levels. This study provides more detailed information than was reported in the Federations’s 2010 Profileof Metis Health Status and Healthcare Utilization in Manitoba,which indicated that cancer was the leading cause of death for Metis accounting for almost 31% of deaths.

Cancer and Related Health Care Utilization in the Manitoba Metis Population focused on invasive cancers (those that have spread into surrounding body tissues) including lung, colorectal, breast, prostate and cervical cancers. The study examined indicators of invasive cancer rates, stage of cancer at diagnosis, and cancer treatment.

A Métis population database produced from a previous study was used to identify 73,000 Métis of all ages in Manitoba. Also included in the study was every person living in Manitoba who had a provincial health card during the years of the study.

It was found that lung cancer rates are higher for Métis than all other Manitobans (87.1 compared to 67.1 per 100,000). Rates for colorectal, breast, prostate and cervical cancers, however, were statistically similar between Métis and other Manitobans. In addition, Métis and other Manitobans showed a similar pattern of cancer stage at diagnosis. The study did show that Metis are more likely to receive radiation or chemotherapy to treat their cancer when compared to the rest of the population. Overall findings conclude there is no difference in rates of all invasive cancers in Metis compared to all other Manitobans.

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