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Aboriginal Bullying

Bullying a major problem among Aboriginal youth in Canada.  It happens all across the country and affects almost everyone at some point. Aboriginal children all over Canada deal with it every day.  Some ignore it hoping it will go away.  But in the silence bullying grows.  Now is the time to speak up.

NAHO and the National Aboriginal Role Model Program (NARMP) know that bullying is a problem and that we can’t be silent any longer.  Too many of our children and friends are being hurt, and that pain is affecting all Aboriginal people.  The Aboriginal way is to be connected: to ourselves and to each other.  Bullying is the opposite.

This web site has resources on bullying like fact sheets for youth, parents and teachers, links, videos and presentations.

Presentation by NAHO CEO Simon Brascoupé

Lateral violence is another way to say bullying. Take a look at this PowerPoint by NAHO CEO, Simon Brascoupé to learn more.

Caitlin Tolley Talks About Bullying

Listen to Role Model Caitlin Tolley Talk About Bullying.

“It’s Time to Make a Change”Poster



Stop Aboriginal Bullying Facebook Group

Check out our Facebook group to talk learn more about how to deal with and prevent bullying.  This is your group.  We want to hear from you!